Top 5 Awesome Projects Made in Excel

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How Exciting is it to Work in Excel?

When we think of Microsoft Excel, the first things that come to our minds are charts and spreadsheets. Moreover, going through numbers and graphs becomes a routine. So, you may ask yourself what impressive is Excel able to do. Hot Key Excellence did some research and found out some interesting facts. Excel is able to create graphics that can be even better than other fancy software. Learn more on top 5 awesome projects made in Excel.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GIF

Could you imagine that creating GIFs in Excel is real? Reddit proved that nothing is impossible. Users are able to watch their favourite ninja turtles on a spreadsheet. The four members are blinking while their masks are waiving. The author had a hard time creating the masterpiece, however, it was worth it.

ninja turtles in excel

Grumpy Cat in Excel Pixels

Many people will recognize one of the most famous cats that went viral only because he is grumpy. Internet users love the facial expression of the feline. Therefore, one of his fans decided to create a pixelated image of Grumpy Cat. Just watch the graphic made in Excel and enjoy.

grumpy cat in excel

Pixel Spreadsheet

Think Maths designed Pixel Spreadsheet to help artistic and creative users to convert any photo into a spreadsheet. The process is described as cracking the photo file, extracting all the numbers and putting them into an Excel spreadsheet. The user can turn any photo into a graphic masterpiece by simply uploading it into the software.

pixel spreadsheet


Cary Walkin, an accountant from Canada, used the Excel spreadsheets to create a role-playing game. The product was ready after five months of work. The game contains a storyline with four different ending scenarios based on players’ navigation. Moreover, the user can fight against 2,000 enemies.

game in excel

Traditional Japanese

A Japanese artist decided to change the idea of a simple Excel spreadsheet in a creative way. Specifically, the author decided to create beautiful work of art after he had been observing people using Excel at work.

Japanese art in excel



Technology evolves continuously and it is our own responsibility to keep the pace. Follow our further articles for more exciting news from the technology industry where Excel plays its role. Remember that everyone can be good in Excel and financial modelling. Hot Key Excellence is here to prove how easy and fun the learning process can be.

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  • Anne

    Years ago I made a Hangman game in Excel. With a hangman, of course, but because I had trouble with shapes I would colour specific cells to ‘build’ him. It was fun to make.

  • sandeepkothari

    oSUM stuff!

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