Revolution in Excel Learning

Includes Excel topics covered in the largest

 investment banks and consulting companies

and targeting financial professionals

at Fortune 500 companies.

What is Hot Key Excellence

Hot Key Excellence is an Excel Training in a form of a Computer Game.  As a result, learning Excel became a fun environment. It is possible now!

It covers basic and advanced topics that are widely used by consultants, investment bankers and other professionals who extensively use MS Excel as one of their main tools.

The Game significantly improves the overall performance in Excel by using it mouse-free.

Solution For Companies

Over 70 Excel Formulas and Functions:

Most frequently used formulas and functions from basic to advanced, including match, index, offset, indirect, if statements, text functions and many more

Solution For Companies

Over 200 Excel Shortcuts and Hot Keys:

Learning the Excel shortcuts and hot keys speeds up the tasks execution and optimizes the overall performance time. Therefore, you will be able to use Excel “blindly” after playing the Game

Solution For Companies

Advanced Excel:

Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, Excel Charts and Macros are essential skills of the advanced Excel User

Why Hot Key Excellence

It is better than live or video training for companies

Less expensive & easily scalable

compared to the live training: no need to find the tutor and room for training, the large number of employees around the world can do it at the same time with the fixed cost

More efficient and engaging

than video training as students use their muscle memory when playing and can get awards for achievements

More flexible and accessable

than traditional live training – can be used by employee any time and even later just to refresh his or her knowledge

Employees are much faster and more efficient in Excel

as the Game develops the skills of “blind typing” for Excel using the muscle memory to memorize Excel shortcuts and formulas while playing the Game

Clear performance measurement

statistics based on the employee’s game result can be easily embedded into corporate awards system

Overall, Gamification in business

is booming around all industries as it encourages employees performance, boosts engagement, promote learning and drives change

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