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Close Excel

Close Excel

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Close Excel

To close an Excel file use the shortcut “Ctrl + F4” altogether.

If you’d like to close an Excel application overall, there is a similar shortcut for you to use, so it’s easy to remember: “Alt + F4” altogether.

Please, make sure that your function keys on the top of your keyboard are in the needed mode. Sometimes, to make it work, you’d need to use “FN” button on your keyboard together with the function keys. For our shortcuts it would be “Ctrl + FN + F4” and “Alt + FN + F4”.

To switch the mode for your function keys, you can use the shortcut “FN + Esc”, that would work for the majority of the keyboards. For some keyboards you’d need to go to your computer settings to change the mode.

You can easily learn all this tricks by playing the game now. It’s fun and easy to learn Excel and build your muscle memory to become an Excel superhero with Hot Key Excellence.



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