“Hot Key Excellence” – Free Version (for PC users only)


Time is the most valuable resource – save hours and weeks with our Game.

Using Excel mouse-free improves your speed in Excel up to 10 times.

Learning this skill with our Excel Simulation Game makes it up to 5 times quicker for you.

Try for free to feel it!






Learn and Practice at the same time

You don’t have to stop the video course and open an Excel file to try the new shortcut – you get 2 in 1 with our Game. Your muscle memory will work for you, while you are playing and having fun.


Full Excel Formulas and Shortcuts Lists

Within the Game you can find the full Excel shortcut List, and lists of the shortcuts for each topic separately.


Three different topics to try the Game

In Free Version we offer you three different topics to try our Game – 1) “Copy-Paste” from “Commonly Used hot Keys; 2) “Alt Home” from “Ribbon Navigation”; 3) “Intermediate” from “Formulas and Functions”.


Blind Typing Skills in Excel

You will go over Excel tasks in the Game totally mouse-free! Throw away your mouse and use Game shortcuts – space bar and highlighted letter/number.