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What Are the Advantages of Educational Games?

In 2018 the gamification market worthen $5.5 Billion. The educational gamification industry is booming. The reason is that it works better than any old fashion ways of training, such as classroom training or eLearning filled with presentations and videos.

The table below clearly shows all the advantages of educational games compared to traditional training methods.

solution for enterprises

As you can see from the table, an educational game is easily scalable to an unlimited amount of employees. Moreover, it is self-paced like video training. However, it is much more engaging than videos. People can learn and practice simultaneously when using educational games. As a result, it improves the retention rate dramatically. Classroom training is great, but it is expensive, nonflexible and nonscalable compare to the gamified methods.

Moreover, there is an easier way to collect statistics on employees’ performance in the game due to badge recognition and friendly competition system, that also contributes to increasing employees’ motivation.

How Gamification Solves Users’ Problems?

Another table below shows the problems customers face with traditional training methods, and how gamification solution solves it. Example of Hot Key Excellence game to master Excel is considered below.
solution for enterprises

How Much Do Companies Lose?

Hot Key Excellence team in collaboration with one of Fortune 500 consulting companies have collaborated on the following business case. The company spends $10 Million a year on teaching MS Excel to their employees from the global headquarters. They make use of traditional classroom training. However, If the company had used the gamified Hot Key Excellence solution, it would save $5.5 Million yearly.

Company’s loss per year without Hot Key Excellence solution is $48 Million due to less Excel efficiency of employees.

excel game for enterprises

Here is a simple trick. Knowing all the Excel tips and tricks provided by Hot Key Excellence, each employee can save on average one full month a year. It can cost to the company a one-month salary of all the employees collectively.

In addition, the rewards and friendly competition built in games help employees to be more engaged and motivated. It’s easier to track employees performance with the educational game with rewards and recognition part.

You can learn more about the Hot Key Excellence solution for companies from our Youtube video:

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