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Excel macros

Excel macros

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Excel macros


A macro makes Excel to execute a sequence of any actions we need, which we do not want to perform manually. We can save lots of time for the repetitive actions using macros. And – it is much easier to write a macro, than you think!

Our first blog about the Excel macros and how to write a simple macro in a couple of clicks had a great success.

We have decided to continue explaining the simple macros to get rid of the vision that it is something scary and complicated.

In this blog we’ll show you:
1. How to add the “Developer” tab on the Excel Ribbon, if it’s not there.
2. How to edit and delete the macro you have written.

Developer Tab on the Ribbon

You can access the Developer with “Alt L” shortcut.

Excel macros 1

However, sometimes the Developer tab is not on the Ribbon. Excel does it on purpose, so people won’t mess with something they don’t know and don’t understand. But now, after our first blog, you know that macros are easy and not as scary. So, we deserve to have this Developer tab on our Ribbon. Let me show you how to get it.

Push “Alt F T” one after another to go to File-Options. Go to “Customize Ribbon” and check the “Developer” box.

Excel macros 2

Edit or Delete the Macro

“Alt L P M” (pushing one after another) will give you the access to the macros you have written in the “Macro Window”.

Excel macros 3

When the Macro Window is opened, “Alt + R” will run the macro you’ll pick from the list, and “Alt +D” will delete it.

Excel macros 4

If you’d like to edit the macro, click “Alt + E” to access the written code.
Excel macros 5

To change the assigned shortcut key, go to “Options” with “Alt + O”.

Excel macros 6


Creating macros to automate repetitive actions in Excel will make your life much easier and will save you tons of time!
What is your favorite “macro trick”? Share with us in comments.



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