Hot Key Excellence

Hot Key Excellence is a computer game that increases your efficiency in Excel by introducing you to over 70 formulas and functions, over 200 hot keys and shortcuts and other Excel tips and tricks in a fun environment.
You will learn how to save hours in Excel, allowing you to focus on getting the task quickly and efficiently.

Hot Key Excellence includes the topics covered in the largest investment banks and consulting companies, and for financial professionals at Fortune 500 companies.

The game is specifically built for professionals that are having or seeking a job in finance / investment banking / accounting / consulting.

Navigation in Hot Key Excellence

Hot Key Excellence promotes the use of Excel hot keys and shortcuts instead of a mouse, as they are always quicker and more efficient.

We incorporate hot keys in the game, so you can navigate and play without using your mouse. In each case, press the Space Bar and the highlighted letter to activate the relevant button.

For example, press Space Bar + C to activate the “Commonly Used Hot Keys” button.

Topics and Structure

4 major topics will allow you to learn Excel quickly and in a fun and engaging environment:

“Commonly Used Hot Keys” and “Ribbon Navigation” – introduces over 200 Excel hot keys and shortcuts with many additional tips and tricks, that will make you extremely quick in Excel by developing the skills of “blind typing” in Excel. Your muscle memory will work for you while you are playing and having fun. It includes 12 topics overall.

You can find the list of the main Excel shortcuts included in the Game here.

“Formulas and Functions” – introduces over 50 most used by consultants and other professionals Excel formulas and functions. It includes overall 6 different topics from Basic to Advanced.

You can find the list of the main Excel formulas and functions included in the Game here.

“Advanced Excel” – Pivot tables, Conditional Formatting and Macros are essential skills of the advanced Excel User. It includes overall 5 different topics.

Each topic in the Game includes Academy and Game sections.


“Academy” – This is the first section of each topic, where you learn new skills and Excel tricks and memorize them using your muscle memory.

“Game” – In the Game section of each topic, the skills you have learned in the Academy are tested.

“Mix Game” – This section tests your mastery of hot keys and shortcuts by combining all topics of Hot Key Excellence. It’s a combination of the games from different topics of the Game. You have 1 min to complete 20 formula questions or shortcut combinations.

Hot Keys and Shortcuts in the Game

Plus sign in “Shift + F11” means you need to click them on your keyboard at the same time. Space without plus in “Alt H A C” means you need to click the keys one after another.


Collecting the Keys

You can collect a total of 55 keys by completing the Academy and Game sections for each topic as well as the Mix Game. By activating the “Keys” button (Space Bar + K) on the main menu, you can see your progress for each topic. When you have collected all 55 keys, you can submit your result online to be featured on our website and social media as a Hot Key Champion.


Technical Details

– Hot Key Excellence is for both PC and Mac users, web based.

– Hot Key Excellence shows hot keys and shortcuts for Excel 2016. However, these are mostly applicable to any version of Excel after Excel 2003. You will, therefore, benefit from playing the game even if you use Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013, as you will be able to apply your skills in all these versions.

– The keyboard used in the Hot Key Excellence game is an American version. While there might be slight differences in the keyboard and Excel hot keys/shortcuts in other countries, the effect on the overall experience of the game will be small. You will still benefit from playing the game and will be able to apply the skills in any English version of Excel.

– Recommended system requirements: Chrome or Safari browser, English as a primary language on the laptop / computer.

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