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About Hot Key Excellence

Hot Key Excellence is revolutionary way of teaching Excel. With Hot Key Excellence you learn by doing and building your Excel muscle memory while playing the game and having fun. Hot Key Excellence provides its services from 2017 and and is based in New York.

Hot Key Excellence includes the topics covered in the largest investment banks and consulting companies, and for financial professionals at Fortune 500 companies as the Founder of the company has provided live Excel training to the largest international companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, BCG, McKinsey & Company and more.

The game is specifically built for professionals that are having or seeking a job in finance / investment banking / accounting / consulting.

Our Mission

Breaking the fear of learning by gamifying the process, so you can go beyond your limits and feel accomplished.


Anybody can be good in Excel and modelling.


  • Alex
    Alex Co-Founder and IT Director

    Using Excel a lot for my job, I was inspired to create a game, where in a fun and easy way people can learn all useful Excel hot keys and shortcuts.

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana Co-Founder and Strategy Director

    Working with many bankers and consultants, I know how important it is to be quick and efficient in Excel.

    We hope to help people to have more free time outside of work with our new venture.

  • Marina
    Marina Creative Director

    To make difficult things easy is the key to success and we are trying to make it happen!

  • Stan
    Stan Graphic Designer

    I found the idea very sophisticated and so inspired to be a part of a great team!

  • Valery
    Valery Consultant in Accounting & Legal Questions

    Hope you enjoy our venture. As we are a small team, every one of us contributed in so many more ways than the written title. Incredible feeling, very interesting

  • Ying
    Ying Web-Site Development Director

    I like beautiful things and the idea is a pure beauty!

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